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“Ethical practice and contribution are the heart

of our business.”

At Mavin we take ethics and our corporate responsibility seriously and believe the role of companies like ours in supporting charities is essential in order for them to maximise their impact.

At Mavin we prefer to support non-mainstream charities whose causes have personal meaning to us, who make efficient use of donations and whose values align with our own.

We also hope to inspire our clients, colleagues and other companies like us to support these causes and communities and to that end offer ways for them to easily contribute through our working relationship.

We have chosen to commit our support to two incredibly worthy causes whose work has inspired us over the years. Here’s a bit about them:


The Heart of England Forest is an exciting and ambitious charity established in 2003 whose aim is to help reverse centuries of destruction and plant one of the largest forests in England. Their goal is to create a huge unbroken woodland located in the Midlands – a refuge from the modern world where people and nature can flourish.

In an increasingly urbanised country, Britain’s beautiful native woodland is under threat. In fact, Britain has one of the lowest percentages of tree cover in Europe. This has taken a terrible toll on the environment, people and wildlife.Trees and woodlands are a vital part of our natural landscape and heritage, known to reduce stress and create a feeling of wellbeing. The Heart of England Forest is working to plant and preserve a magnificent broadleaf forest for the benefit of both the public and wildlife – a place of natural enduring beauty, protected for generations to come.


The Flying Seagull Project works in association with charities, schools, and care centres across Romania, Ghana and the UK. The FSP visit orphanages, hospitals, gypsy communities, the rural poor, care homes, schools, youth clubs, the homeless and the elderly to engage in arts, music and crafts workshops, music lessons, dance, circus shows and clown doctoring.

They believe that it is everyone, man, woman or child’s right to put aside the cares of life and smile for a while. Working with widely varying groups in several countries to help bring smiles and happiness to people, whether as Clown Doctors for children undergoing difficult medical treatments or through arts, music and crafts workshops.

The Flying Seagulls are the one stop shop for madness, energy and fun that creates an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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