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Containerised Datacentres: Innovation And Deployment

Containerised Datacentres: Innovation and Deployment

Low Desity CMDC Example

Mavin’s Containerised Modular Data Centre (CMDC) delivers a 100% bespoke, end-to-end solution.


  • Purpose built, Secure, Bespoke and Scalable Award Winning Modular Solutions
  • Choice of State of the Art Efficient Technologies
  • ‘Plug ‘n’ play’, ‘pay-as-you-go’ architecture that enables tangible, real-time, capacity planning


  • May be deployed singularly or in multiple format to create large scale Enterprise environments
  • May be deployed externally as a stand-alone structure or internally within a host building
  • Economical compared to a traditional design and build.
  • Capability to migrate their entire Data Centre set-up, relatively quickly and economically cost wise
  • Vendor neutral, making our CMDC solution ideal for supporting heterogeneous environments

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