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Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats

Article from Comms Business: Cyber Threats

The news wires have been alive with warnings of cyber threats today as a new report from Kaspersky Lab claims an estimated £648 million has been stolen in attacks on financial institutions.

The gang, which Kaspersky dubbed Carbanak, used computer viruses to infect company networks with malware including video surveillance, enabling it to see and record everything that happened on staff’s screens.

In some cases it was then able to transfer money from the banks’ accounts to their own, or even able to tell cash machines to dispense cash at a pre-determined time of day.

Kaspersky said on average each bank robbery took between two and four months, with up to $10m stolen each time.
Radware has put out a strong warning to the Channel in its latest report where it points to ISP and Hosting sectors as being the most targeted by cyber crime.

Adrian Crawley, UK & Ireland regional director for Radware, says: “The news presents a stark reality for Channel companies moving into managed services. If they fail to ensure their network security planning is robust then there’s no doubt that 2015 will see a great number of ‘cyber-dominoes’ fall. The Channel must take heed and ensure it understands ISP and Hosting technologies inside out and the implications for planning mitigation strategies for its own operations and those of its customers.”

As part of the report, Radware publishes a ‘Ring of Fire’, which tracks cyber attacks and predicts the likelihood on attack of major industries. In the last 12 months, ISPs have moved up the risk rankings to become some of the most exposed companies, joining the gambling sector and government. Hosting companies have jumped from ‘low risk’ on the outside of the ring to just outside the ‘high risk’ centre zone.

It’s easy to ignore faceless criminals that reside on the other side of the world until you happen to be the victim. In the case of cyber crime we say a good offence is the best defence, get yourself educated and informed so it doesn’t happen to you.

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