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The Mavin Procurement Portal (MPP)

The Mavin Procurement Portal (MPP)

Mavin introduce the Mavin Procurement Portal (MPP), a revolutionary, comprehensive procurement solution that takes the pain out of procurement

Our aim has been to create an easy to use, agile and relevant platform tailored to individual client’s operational requirements. The development of the Mavin Procurement Portal has resulted in a platform that has a huge amount of agility and flexibility in terms of possible modifications and customisation built in.

The Mavin Procurement Portal (MPP) features over 100,000 live product lines. Covering a vast range from cables through to commodity server hardware and pretty much everything IT related in-between. We can also add in specific products and bespoke Service choices as required.

Our Mavin Procurement Portal (MPP) is real-time linked to Mavin stock as well as to our top tier distribution partners including TechData, Arrow, Exertis, Westcoast and many more, all of whom operate state-of-the-art warehouse and logistic facilities. The Portal is designed to support our Enterprise level client’s demands. Service Catalogue lines and product and/or product and service bundles are also enabled via the Mavin Procurement Portal. For clients regularly ordering the same products and engaged via a procurement framework, we agree a designated stock-holding where appropriate to ensure uninterrupted availability.

You can view the standard portal via this link, although we recommend a short webinar or face-to-face demo to showcase the full bespoke agility of the platform.

Download the MPP Brochure or get in touch today to find out how Mavin can help you on 0845 612 1155 or email

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