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“Most importantly, we all share the same vision and core values

which underpin our excellent customer service.”

Mavin Global


Since Mavin’s creation in 2005 we have become recognised as a leading provider of global ICT services, synonymous with the delivery of Award Winning, No-Nonsense, desktop to datacentre services to a worldwide customer base. Mavin’s growth has predominantly been via referral rather than hound-dog sales tactics and we are proud to be noted for our commitment to excellence.

Mavin people


Just as our Clients are critically important to our business, so are our people. Each and every member of the Mavin team has been hand-picked for their particular skills and expertise. Most importantly, we all share the same vision and core values which underpin our excellent customer service. But don’t just take our word for it, ask our existing clients what they think about Mavin customer service…

Mavin Culture


For us it is all about the customer, plain and simple. We are a consultative bunch who listen intently, collaborate openly and deliver effectively. With the aim to make the worlds of everyone we work with revolve more easily.

Mavin Mission


Here at Mavin we take our mission very seriously indeed. And, although, there is no swinging from helicopters or riding top high-speed trains, fighting the world’s worst villains, we do work very hard, honing our professional skills and competitive edge, to ensure we are in tip-top shape to serve our clients and country! For us, it is all about developing robust and lasting relationships with our clients by delivering outstanding, fit-for-purpose and innovative solutions.

Mavin committment


We recognise that each client has their own unique business and operational requirements, therefore we provide an open partnership where we work with you, our specialist teams and our chosen IT service partners to deliver efficient and effective, tailored service solutions. No-nonsense, of any type at any time.

Mavin Awards


Mavin acknowledges the importance of gaining recognition for achievement through the receipt of awards within the ICT sector. We believe accolades of this nature assist greatly in raising confidence within the industry to innovate purposeful and operationally sound solutions and services, supporting (when correctly deployed) enhanced efficiencies in both environmental and monetary terms. Plus, at a personnel level, awards provide a deserved sense of achievement for the teams involved, which will boost energies and commitment for similar existing and future projects.

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