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10th August 2020 – 9th August 2022

NHS SBS Approved

1. Mavin Powercube is an approved sub-contractor via TET

2. Can I Access this Agreement?

The Digital Workplace Solutions Framework agreement has been tendered and actively managed by NHS SBS. To learn more about NHS SBS, please see

Who can access this agreement?

  • NHS
  • Museums/Galleries
  • Emergency Services
  • Local Authorities
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Academies
  • The Prison Service
  • All public sector bodies

3. What Does this Agreement Cover?

The Digital Workplace Solutions Framework is a new framework, which replaces the very successful Link: IT Solutions framework agreement. It provides a compliant route to source effective, consumer-oriented technologies that meet requirements across a range of disciplines, including data centre infrastructure, servers and storage, networking and security products, end user computing hardware and software, bespoke software, professional services and training. The framework complements Link 2: IT Hardware which focuses on end user client devices..

For all your DataCentre requirements, whether considering a new container project, traditional DataCentre or environment/M&E refresh, please get in touch with the team at Mavin Powercube to explore your options.

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