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Mavin Defence: Powercube Ruggedised, Custom Containerised Solutions

Armouries . Comms Pods . Command/Operations Units . Combined Comms & Accommodation Containers . Containerised Datacentres . Containerised Power . Confined Space Training Units . Drone Deployment Units . Mobile (Towable) Cells. Dedicated to protecting your critical assets and infrastructure in the field.

Mavin Defence Logo

Mavin Defence designs and builds bespoke Ruggedised Containerised Modular DataCentres, Comms Pods, Command Units and Special Container Solutions for military deployment worldwide.

We have provided various defence agencies with project specific solutions which may incorporate both ballistic and LPS 1175 SR rated finishes to provide operational integrity in the harshest environments. 

Interoperability: Solutions can be designed and built to meet any standard, including but not limited to UK/US/CAN/AUS.

Custom build or modified ISO with CSC Certification.

Compatible with military comms
LPS 1175 SR2-5+
Deploy land, sea, air
Tiered Ballistic and Blast
Self sufficient or mains powered
Multiple internal Configurations
Unlimited options for external wrap
100% Sealed protected and resilient
Mission Modules: Command and ControlCommand and Control
Mission Modules: Gravity Jet Suit PodsGravity Jet Suit Pods
Mission Modules: Containerised Modular Data CentresContainerised Modular Data Centres

Mavin Defence Mission Modules

Shipping Worldwide our Container Solutions are full bespoke builds, therefore fully customisable to suit our client’s specific needs. Designed and built in UK, supported by a primary UK supply line, we produce both standard and ruggedised military spec models. 

As an existing container solution supplier to the UK Defence sector, Mavin Powercube continue to work closely with UK Defence organisations and individuals, innovating solutions to meet both general purpose and project specific requirements.

For more information on Mavin Defence Mission Modules please get in touch with our team.

Deploy Land, Sea, Air

Armed Forces Covenant

Mavin are an armed forces-friendly organisation and have acheived the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.


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