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Mavin Defence

Mavin Powercube designs and builds bespoke Ruggedised Containerised Modular DataCentres, Comms Pods, Command Units and Special Container Solutions for military deployment worldwide.

We have provided various defence agencies with project specific solutions which may incorporate both ballistic and LPS 1175 SR rated finishes to provide operational integrity in the harshest environments. Collaborating with Iceotope’s cooling technology we can now deliver high power compute with minimal M&E requirements.

1000x more effective at removing heat than air cooling
LPS 1175 SR2-5+
Tiered Ballistic and Blast
CPNI Enhanced Approved
Thermally stable
Self sufficient or mains powered
5xless energy than air cooling
75pc space saving
100% Sealed protected and resilient
Non-flammable, non corrosive, non toxic dielectric
Coolpod - Powercube cooled by Iceotope

CoolPod: Introducing innovative, collaborative technologies from Mavin Powercube and Iceotope

ICEOTOPE, Cooling Redefined.

Dealing with heat at source and managing it effectively Iceotope’s liquid-cooling technology has 1000 times the capacity to remove heat from electronics than air-cooling. By adding more cooling capacity our cooling technology enables processors to be configured for higher power envelopes whilst maintaining run at higher performance levels.

By removing the need for and the restrictions created by complex air-cooling infrastructure, our cooling technology operates in pure silence using 5 times less energy and 75% less space. Because it’s 100% sealed, protected and resilient, and thermally stable over a wide range of operating temperatures, it can be deployed in the harshest of environments.


Armed Forces Covenant

Mavin are an armed forces-friendly organisation and are currently working towards the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.


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