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ITSM Value

ITSM Value: Redefining Service

We have an unswerving belief that IT can and should deliver high value to business.

Service Value Assessment


Is delivering a fresh, robust and exceptional service operation, crucial to you and your business?

Service departments face the challenge of delivering and maintaining effective support strategies, improved efficiency, retention of great people, vendor relationships and business value.

The service value assessment, supports these goals by providing an unbiased review of the service operations current performance;

  • Evaluation against 15 key competencies
  • Identifies opportunities to improve service performance
  • Focussed on specific business needs
  • Detailed recommendation plan
  • Feedback from recognised industry leaders
30-60-90 Day Plan

30/60/90 DAY

Do you need to improve your service operation? Do you have time? Do you want a strategy defined for you?

Users of your services require and need more agile support.  Service departments  face numerous challenges on a daily basis and inherently focus on the BAU, which can restrict the service team delivering value & excellent customer experience to the users.

The ‘30/60/90 day plan’ enables you to overcome these challenges, giving you a solid foundation to deliver customer value;

  • Actionable ideas broken down to 30, 60 and 90 day deliverables
  • Support from industry recognised leaders
  • Defined service strategies
  • Focussed Service improvements plan
  • Introduction to potential delivery partners
  • Alignment to industry best practices
Operational Transformation


With digital transformation a top agenda item for most CIO’s, do you need to enhance your service operation to support this programme of change?

Working with you to review your service delivery capability to ensure you can deliver the business objectives and associated transformation.  Utilising a defined set of criteria to measure where you are on the value chain enables us to work with you to implement a focussed change programme;

  • 1-2 year implementation plan with strategy, roadmap and continuous improvement plans
  • Resource and budgetary requirements
  • Report tailored to your business requirements
  • Full commercial assessment of vendors
  • Recommendation of partners to assist in deliver


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