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Mavin Powercube is a TIES Living Lab Strategic Partner

The TIES Living Lab is a transformative collaboration focusing on 10 infrastructure, data research and digital demonstrator projects.

TIES Living Lab

Mavin Powercube is one of 25 partners of the Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy Living Lab project (TIES Living Lab), which seeks to enable real-life demonstrators of the very best data and digitalisation techniques, providing tools the construction industry needs to improve the cost efficiency of projects, drive down delivery times and reduce projects’ carbon footprints.

Over the next decade, the construction sector will witness a wave of infrastructure projects with a projected £60 billion of spend each year. However, the increasing challenge and complexity of the government’s pipeline of major projects means the capacity to deliver is being stretched. TIES Living Lab centres on improving the way transport infrastructure is set up within live infrastructure projects that deliver significant value-adding benefits across the sector.

We are a ground-breaking collaboration with a goal to make a difference and provide the catalyst for long term cultural change.

TIES Living Lab


Partners work together to shift focus within infrastructure delivery decision-making from the ‘cost of construction’ towards ‘whole-life value’ and benefit from modern methods of construction.



Creating new strategic, scalable, and industry-wide methods, tools and capabilities, including data sharing and building demonstrators which provide proof of concept.



Integrating and adopting these innovations will ultimately improve productivity through major construction and infrastructure schemes and drive wider social benefits.

TIES Project 5 – Powercube Signal Equipment Room (SER)

TIES Living Lab Powercube SER project under development
TIES Living Lab Powercube SER project under development 2
TIES Living Lab Powercube SER project under development 3

One of four Physical Demonstrator Projects within the TIES Living Lab, the project supplied by Mavin Powercube is managed by Transport for London (TfL)..

This is the first of its kind, custom modular Signalling Equipment Room (SER). The client, TfL, want to evolve their SER environments quickly and efficiently, utilising Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). As an example of this the Powercube is a British, custom designed and built, containerised, re-deployable, flexi-environment.


Powercube Director Russell Bartley interview for the TIES Living Lab SER project

Members of the TIES Living Lab Collaboration

The TIES Living Lab collaboration


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