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Now on Earth Youth Adventure Grant

Mavin Supports the ‘Now on Earth’ Youth Adventure Grant

The Now on Earth Youth Adventure Grant is aimed at supporting young adults aged 18-24 undertaking an adventurous expedition, and Mavin Powercube is proud to be a Patron.

At Mavin we believe that adventure can have a hugely positive and long-term impact on self-confidence, resilience and fulfilment, which is why we support the Now on Earth Youth Adventure Grant. In light of the mental health challenges faced by teenagers and young adults today, the grant offers financial assistance for young people wishing to undertake a human-powered, self-organised, adventurous expedition. By removing some of the barriers to what could be a transformational life experience, they hope to make adventure more accessible to more young individuals.

“We’re facing an unprecedented mental health crisis. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests adventure and challenge are essential to our wellbeing. In westernised society in particular, the adventurous elements once commonplace in children’s upbringing have been gradually stripped away by health and safety measures in schools and wider society, the drifting apart of larger, close-knit family groups and communities (which would once have collectively kept an eye on the children, giving them more freedom to explore within safe boundaries), and the risk-averse approach to parenting, often born of fears exaggerated by the constant bombardment, through our ‘always-on’ technology, of negative media stories.

“This is an imbalance that urgently needs to be addressed. We’re advocates of the #adventurerevolution. By giving young people the opportunity to challenge themselves, adventure can lead them to uncover new perspectives, develop stronger social connections, lessen anxiety, increase self-belief, and access deeper levels of resilience.”

Chloe Boxall – Now on Earth

The Now on Earth team fundraise for the grant by undertaking adventurous challenges. They recently completed a fastpacking expedition across the Hajar Mountains of Oman. You can find out more at

Corporate Patron PR opportunities

The Now on Earth team are looking for more corporate sponsors for their fundraising activities. They offer good PR opportunities around their fundraising challenges for corporate supporters. You can download an information pack here:

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