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Introducing the TrustMavin collaboration – Hybrid Cloud and Powercube Data Centre solutions for the NHS

TrustMavin: The choice of the NHS

TrustMavin is  new collaboration between Trustco PLC and Mavin Powercube. TrustMavin enables us to offer the NHS access to a wide range of essential enterprise IT solutions, from state-of-the-art hybrid cloud, through to custom modular Data Centres and everything in between, via several NHS orientated, compliant Frameworks.

Hybrid Cloud and the NHS

One of the challenges for NHS organisations is that they often have disparate systems, sometimes outdated and debilitating to the government recommendation of ‘cloud first’. We work to partner with our NHS clients, to understand individual Trust’s working practices, then work collaboratively in analysing data, assessing compute, virtual environments, physical environments and storage, assessing how these will work in a cloud environment.

We’ve found that a hybrid cloud approach is the most trusted and secure solution for the NHS, and presents a bridge between on-premise and cloud services. Making sure that every step of the way there is accountability and security with all aspects of building the right Hybrid Cloud.

Adopting the On-Premise Containerised Modular DataCentre approach

Our NHS Powercube Datacentres incorporate many innovations, and client specific customisation, to meet and exceed the demands of security, changing technology, space-saving, economy, and green credentials.

With the challenge to evolve their critical infrastructure, some NHS Trusts have chosen to deploy Powercube’s flexible containerised modular datacentre turnkey solutions.

We collaborate proactively with the Trust’s Estates, Facilities and IT teams, and encompass everything required, into the solution package. Planning (where applicable), Preliminary Surveys, Civils, Power and Data presentation, Design, Build and Deployment of the desired data centre environment, and then supporting the environment moving forwards as required. Whatever elements the Trust wishes to include, we can support and deliver.

By adopting our custom NHS containerised data centre solutions, these Trusts have enabled the re-purposing of traditional IT space, into much needed clinical and/or patient space. The ability to re-deploy the Powercube solution to other locations on the Trust’s sites has positively enabled infrastructure development, and construction projects elsewhere in the Trust, when the need to redevelop locations occurs.

With a typical 30-40% design and build saving, fast delivery time, significantly less disruption on-site compared to traditional IT bricks and mortar data centres, highly efficient power and cooling, and the ability to re-deploy or scale up, our custom solutions have proven, significant cost and ongoing operational savings, whilst supporting the critical ‘green’ agenda.

To find out more get in touch with Russell Bartley on 0845 612 1155 or email for a relaxed chat about our solutions, and how they can provide tangible benefits within the NHS.
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