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Powercube Go Anywhere Data Centre

As data goes everywhere, you need a Data Centre that can go anywhere

As the need for data increases worldwide, discover the ruggedised ‘Go Anywhere’ Data Centre and Special Container Solutions from Mavin Powercube.

Powercube custom designed and built Containerised DataCentres and Special Container Solutions can address terrain, temperature, security and environment challenges by incorporating some or all of our technologies:

  • Custom designed and built Containers – utilising the latest material applications and methodologies, including our in-flow Powercube SmarkSkin™ innovation, optimising greater energy efficiencies with less impact
  • Thermal stability – over a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Advanced security and endurance – with SR rated doors, access panels and high security, multi-level locking systems
  • Fast, easy deployment and flexible redeployment – can be transported worldwide by land, sea, air as required, fully equipped, ready for use out-of-the-box
  • Ballistic and LPS 1175 SR rated options – to provide operational integrity in the harshest environments
  • Smart Automation Systems – lower energy use by switching off servers not in use
  • Fully ruggedised technology – wide range of options can be fitted internally
  • Heat Recovery Systems – utilise the waste heat from the Data Centre to improve heating efficiencies elsewhere on site
  • Fresh Air Cooling or Liquid Cooling options – fresh air cooling delivers huge savings in run costs and produces 50% less carbon emissions than traditional cooling methods. Liquid cooling delivers increased density capability and considerable energy and cost savings.
  • Solar Reflective external paint and Solar Reflective roofs – reduces solar heat gain to reduce the cooling requirement
  • Scalability – a containerised solution supports the requirements without overkill and can be easily scaled up (or down) as the need arises

Where do we start?

Talk to our team today about Mavin Powercube’s Fully ruggedised, go-anywhere data centre solutions. Call us on 0845 612 1155


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