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Datacentre Efficiency

Addressing the Challenges of Datacentre Management

Focus on Datacentre Efficiency

Datacentre efficiency is a constant endeavour for Datacentre operators, with a range recognised challenges ensuring an ongoing need to keep a close eye on the dials and devices. Mavin recommend two agile, collaborative platforms which enable truly proactive datacentre operations: Sensorium offers finite datacentre measurement and management and Track-IT offers real-time device asset management.



Looking for a powerful, flexible, cost-effective DCIM solution?

Unrivalled Performance

Sensorium’s™ virtualisation-ready, modular 64 bit .NET architecture delivers unrivalled performance and expandability from the smallest comms room to the largest campus or mega-centre.

Peerless Integration

Our flexible communications architecture and continuous 24 year track record integrating disparate monitoring system data into Sensorium™ ensures the highest possible levels of system integration for your environment.

Superior flexibility

Harnessing the power of the web, our modular web components, utilising industry standards and protocols, enable us to create truly bespoke, yet cost effective, web-native management platforms to match your needs.




Map . Track . Control

TRACKIT PRO gives you the ability to map, track and control all of your physical business assets no matter where they are located across multiple locations. With TRACKIT PRO managing your business assets has never been easier.

This innovative solution allows you to manage any type of business asset on one intuitive platform, starting with property and estate management through to a limitless ability to track ALL your businesses physical assets, across locations, inside and even outside your buildings. Track any asset no matter how big or small including details of asset hierarchy (assets within assets). From laptops and office furniture to data centres or warehouses the size of shopping centres – now your assets have nowhere to hide.

Quite simply TRACKIT PRO will empower you with the visibility and insight you need to make more intelligent strategic decisions to more effectively manage the entirelife-cycle of your assets and increase return on investment.


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