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Profusion Micro Modular Data Centre

The Profusion 2.0 Micro Modular Data Centre

PROFUSION 2: Unveiling the 21st Century Data Centre

PROFUSION is a micro modular data centre that replicates the cooling, power, and security capabilities of a traditional data centre, but on a much smaller scale—less than 10sqft/1sqm.

Profusion 2 is a self-contained, precision-cooled, high-density, plug-and-play-ready server cabinet with an integrated redundant cooling system (2N, N+1 and N configuration options). The cooling system consists of a pair of hot-swappable and redundant cooling modules that are located at the bottom or the top of the cabinet. Using highly sensitive sensors throughout the cabinet, the cooling system provides accurate cooling for variable densities up to 30kW with 2N redundancy. The system automatically meets the needs of the varying IT loads, thereby relieving IT managers and data centre operators of this burden.

The PROFUSION system is a fusion of efficiency, density, security, rapid deployment, throughput, high ROI, low TCO, modularity, intelligence, simplicity, and smart engineering for optimum data centre implementation and operation.

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