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Powercube SER deployed at TUCA

Mavin Powercube’s SER project for the TIES Living Lab has landed at TUCA!

The SER has landed! Mavin Powercube’s Signal Equipment Room, a cutting edge demonstrator and part of the TIES Living Lab, has been deployed at TUCA.

The Powercube SER, built in collaboration with TfL, has been successfully deployed at TUCA and the team are now finalising the install of the Bio Solar Green / Blue roof and Safety Handrail systems.

The SER project is one of four physical demonstrator initiatives being undertaken by the TIES (Transport and Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy) Living Lab partnership, a transformative collaboration which seeks to improve the framework from the ground up, providing the catalyst for long-term cultural change within the sector. We hope to be welcoming Trudy Harrison, Minister of State at the Department for Transport, to the TIES Living Labs project showcase, soon to be organised at TUCA. Trudy and her team will experience first-hand the positive impact these innovative solutions will have in the Rail and wider Transport sector, here in the UK and potentially other countries Worldwide. 

Russ Bartley, Director at Powercube spoke about the collaboration. “For all members of the team involved, it is hugely rewarding and exciting to see this project completing with the launch of the new SER prototype at TUCA. The journey has not been without challenges, but credit where credit is due, the joint TfL and Powercube team members have maintained the necessary level of professional consistency and commitment (AKA blood, sweat and tears) to the cause, to effect this hugely positive outcome. 

“Now the innovative SER solution is soon to be a live demonstrator, meaning all interested parties can easily quantify the tangible benefits. It’s a great example of ‘modern methods of construction’, delivering fully on the promise of value-adding advantages, such as greener, more economical, and less disruptive design, build and deployment processes. Watching each of the TIES Living Lab projects progressing over the past 24+ months has personally been an enjoyable education, the insights and experience invaluable. We’ve all worked hard to empower the adoption of, MMC, let’s now get on with maximising the benefits via new, supportive, fast-track programmes that will enable immediate positive change within the industry.”

Mavin Powercube SER under construction

To find out more about Powercube’s SER project and the TIES Living Lab visit

To arrange a visit to see the Powercube SER for yourself and or, to discuss any similar requirements you may have, please contact Russ directly via either or 0845 612 1155.

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