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Mavin Powercube Containerised Modular Data Centre

The Powercube Data Centre difference: Built from the ground up for 100% bespoke flexibility and quality

Did you know at Mavin Powercube we build each client’s containerised modular DataCentre solution from scratch? Unlike other containerised data centre suppliers who fit the technology into pre-fabricated, standard shipping containers, with a Powercube data centre we fabricate every element from the ground up, combining the latest energy efficient composites with specific design requirements. Therefore supporting deployment agility, future scalability and fit-for-purpose operation.

This means our Containerised Modular DataCentres (CMDC’s) are completely bespoke; we have control over the quality of materials used and can tailor the solution to a wide range of uses and environments. Our state of the art UK build facility enables multiple projects to be managed within short timescales.

Innovation is delivered not only through the physical bespoke and scalable nature of the CMDC and the progressive, increasingly environmentally aware technologies contained within, but also via it’s capacity to provide client organisations with the ability to manage their capital expenditure more effectively and efficiently. This is achieved by providing a ‘plug & play’ / ‘pay-as-you-go’ architecture that enables tangible, real time, capacity planning.

From a vendor platform perspective the CMDC remains 100% neutral. We do not dictate to the client organisation what make or model of IT Server or storage device to employ, therefore making our Powercube Data Centre solution ideal for supporting heterogeneous environments.

Bespoke flexibility: the sky is the limit. But don’t just take our word for it.

“The decision to implement Mavin Powercube’s CMDC Solution was driven by the necessity to partner with a DataCentre design and build specialist who would work pro-actively through the project’s life-cycle, deliver an end-to-end solution and ensure that the operational result met with the business’ evolving requirement and expectations.”

Head of IT, UK NHS


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